The darkness is coming
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Bisi, S. (2020). The darkness is coming. Teoria E Critica Della Regolazione Sociale / Theory and Criticism of Social Regulation, 1(18), 55-70. Retrieved from


Among the political elites, a reductive thought, dominated by technicaleconomic criteria, has been imposed. The game of power focuses on the war of perception, on the psycho-ontology of hatred, stimulating vindictive feelings and social anger. The use of social networks as instruments for manipulation occurred in many actual cases. Europe is in a stalemate, in a confusion. Even among the founding countries of the EU, xenophobic populists are on the increase. At present, it lacks a clear vision able of overturning an unjust system that caused inequalities favoring the propaganda of the “sovereignist” right-oriented political party. In addition, few people believe in a wake up from the homologation in which we live and in an alternative radical transformation project, based on an ethical vision of individual responsibility.

Keywords: Political communication; Internet; Manipulation; Haters; Democracy.

pdf (Italiano)