The extended concept of ‘Thirdness’ in the philosophy of law.
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Slave and Lord
symbolic ring

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Violante, M. (2020). The extended concept of ‘Thirdness’ in the philosophy of law. Teoria E Critica Della Regolazione Sociale / Theory and Criticism of Social Regulation. Retrieved from


The expression ‘Thirdness’ has not been analysed by law as it would require to: it only concerns the profile of the judge – which is strictly reductionist – contrary to a wider and deeper meaning that could be achieved, dealing with the ‘hermeneutic turn’, which has rethought to the concepts of “prejudice” and “precomprehension”.

To broach the defining difficulty, we should extend to the conceptualizations of Alexandre Kojève, as treated in “Lines of a Phenomenology of Law”, reshaping the Hegelian “dialectic” between the Slave and the Lord.

On another direction, the subject entails a connection to the Lacanian psychoanalysis, as rethought by Bruno Romano and, in particular, to the conjunction between ‘logos’ and ‘nomos’, guaranteed by the “symbolic ring”.

The concept of ‘Thirdness’ can’t be defined once and for all, but should be considered as an empty space – not mine, neither yours – opened to the research of meaning.

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