Prolegomeni per il dio fellone

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Grilli, G. (2021). Prolegomeni per il dio fellone. Dialogoi. Rivista Di Studi Comparatistici, (8). Recuperato da


Felony, a category or conception exquisitely connected to the Western Middle Ages, is traced back to the crossing between East and West through the most diverse reformulations. From Hypatia, to Plotinus, to their followers and vindicators, passing through Florentine humanism and the stubborn resistance of so-called Byzantines, soldiers or grammarians. All the way to Leopard’s landing place. In the Zibaldone there is a port for Porphyry and Plotinus, certainly, but also for Hypatia, for the natural world and for that of the celestial stars. And there is no lack of mention of postmodern hesitation.