Aesthetica Preprint

Current Issue

No 119 (2022)
Published November 2, 2022
Emilio Garroni: un nuovo sguardo-attraverso


January-April 2022


Edited by Andrea D’Ammando and Tommaso Morawski


Andrea D’Ammando, Tommaso Morawski
pdf (Italiano)
Francesco Restuccia
The function of the imaginary. Garroni, Mannoni and the voluntary illusion
pdf (Italiano)
Antonio Valentini
Which Notion of "Myth" in Emilio Garroni's Thought? Hypotesis and perspectives
pdf (Italiano)
Andrea D'Ammando
Myth, Sense, Work: Garroni and the crisis of contemporary arts
pdf (Italiano)
Giulia Giambrone
Conceptual and Pictorial Looking Through in Emilio Garroni’s Aesthetics
Simona Donato
"What Does One Feel Being the Apple". Body and Gestural Knowledge Seen Through Contemporary Dance
pdf (Italiano)
Maurizio Ricci
Garroni and Architecture
pdf (Italiano)
Dario Cecchi
Technical Creativity and Free Schematism
pdf (Italiano)
Lorenzo Manera
The notions of creativity and meta-operativity in Emilio Garroni. Recent interpretations in the Italian aesthetic debate on technology
Giovanni Matteucci
The Critical Sense of "experience in general"
pdf (Italiano)
Maria Pignataro
Creativity, an ideal path from Emilio Garroni to Jean Piaget
pdf (Italiano)
Martino Feyles
Exemplarity and Judgement: Notes on Kantian Aesthetics
pdf (Italiano)
Luca Forgione
Emilio Garroni and the aesthetic Conceptualism in Kant’s Third Critique
Marina De Palo
Sense Horizons between Garroni and De Mauro
pdf (Italiano)
Stefano Catucci
On Transcendental Instance: Between History and Absence of History
pdf (Italiano)
Tommaso Morawski
Aesthetics and Spatiality. Garroni, Kant and Cassirer
pdf (Italiano)
Andrea D’Ammando
Comprehensive Bibliography of Emilio Garroni's Writings
pdf (Italiano)
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