Order certainty and blockchain: starting with N. Luhmann.
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Fracchia, G. (2023). Order certainty and blockchain: starting with N. Luhmann. Teoria E Critica Della Regolazione Sociale / Theory and Criticism of Social Regulation. Retrieved from https://www.mimesisjournals.com/ojs/index.php/tcrs/article/view/1849


The paper addresses the issue of the complex relationship between blockchain and the production of certainty. Indeed, this technology, due to its decentralized nature oriented towards simultaneous accessibility, seems incompatible with the legal characteristics of the public trust function; the lack of a clear regulatory framework concerning this topic perhaps confirms this hypothesis. Starting from the theory of the private exercise of public functions, various forms of certainty are therefore considered, remaining within the legal sphere, and then moving on to a sociological analysis of the notion of certainty based on Luhmann's theory of systems.


PDF (Italiano)
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