Amor fati di Antonia Pozzi


Amor fati is the title of a poem, which Antonia Pozzi (Milan, 1912-1938) dated on May 13, 1937. This date embraces the end of past unhappy relationships and the hope and brightness, soon extinguished, of a new, very engaging relationship, the last one. Amor fati can be defined as a disturbing poem to which something uncanny, difficult to grasp and to ascribe to categories of hope and future remains attached. For this reason, even more than other poems, Amor fati needs multiple and different points of view in order to be understood. These pages result from a dialogue with others: either expert scholars of the poems and the world of Antonia Pozzi, or just friends who have been very attentive to it, able to sympathize with it. I will first of all leave the word to them, transcribing their messages here. At the end the reader will find my pages and my thoughts that have also treasured the lesson and the exchange with Fulvio Papi.